About Lakeridge Standard Poodles Lakeridge Standard Poodles is based in Renton, Washington. But our poodles can be found in the homes of humans who love them all over the world. We have a long tradition of poodle excellence at Lakeridge Standard Poodles. Our standard poodles have earned recognition in the most renowned dog show competitions all over the world.

Poodles from Lakeridge have won the Poodle Club of America’s national specialty multiple times. Our poodles have won the standard poodle variety, along with several other variety recognitions, at the Westminister Kennel Club dog show in New York. Our highest award at Westminster was the honor of Reserve Best in Show under judge Mrs Betty Regina Leininger. We have multiple best in show poodles in world competitions in countries such as Canada, Spain, Japan, China, Italy and England. Lakeridge Standard Poodles have consistently ranked top poodles in the American Kennel Club, including multiple number one ranked standard poodles.

We are perhaps most proud of our poodles that have earned their stripes as service dogs. Lakeridge Standard Poodles can be found helping people at the Mayo Clinic, working alongside professors at universities and participating with the graduating class at Standford University. Lakeridge Standard Poodles are equally at home hiking in the mountains of Alaska as they are showcasing the dignity of the poodle breed in the most prestigious dog show rings in the world. If you are interested in a Lakeridge puppy for a show prospect, a therapy poodle, or a valued home pet please use the contact form.

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